Middleton Urges Ernie Mitchell to Stay Close to DNA
Middleton to Michell, 10 May 1955

Stan Middleton to Ernie Mitchell, 10 May 1955, Don McLeod Papers, State Library of Western Australia, MS 1568A/1/90 (transcript only).

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McLeod Statement on Struggle to Manage Group's Affairs

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While Middleton was setting up the Pilbara Native Society, McLeod was in Perth arranging for the establishment of another company, called Pindan Pty Ltd, to replace NODOM. When McLeod returned to the Pilbara in May 1955, after nine months’ absence, Middleton rushed north to persuade marrngu to stick with the Pilbara Native Society. At a historic meeting at the Bore Camp, Middleton and McLeod vied with one another for the right to manage the group’s affairs.