Street continued to involve herself in the group’s affairs, attempting to facilitate more harmonious relationships between Pindan, politicians, government agencies and business partners.

Jessie Street Writes McLeod About Social Service Benefits

United Association
61 Market St.


Dear Don McLeod

Thank you for your letter of 2nd Sept.

This is just a line to send you Hasluck’s reply to my letter of August 15 — which you have.

This letter of Hasluck’s, together with his letter of 16th July purports to swear that a wide category of aborigines — in fact all who are not illiterate and nomadic — are eligible for Social Services. Perhaps you can get your aborigines to apply for benefits they may be eligible to receive, and let me [know] the details of their application & the result, also the attitude of the local welfare office. I will take it up with Hasluck. I cannot help thinking he wants to do the right thing & we should strengthen his hand.

No more for the present.

Best wishes

Jessie M.G. Street.


Jessie Street to Don McLeod, 14 September 1959, Don McLeod Papers, State Library of Western Australia, MS 1568a/9/unnumbered.

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