Awareness of McLeod’s support from ‘influential friends’ made the Western Australian government cautious in their dealings with him.

Government Exercises Caution with McLeod
Minister for Native Welfare Brady to Premier Hawke, 20 June 1958

Minister for Native Welfare J. J. (Jack) Brady to Premier Bert Hawke, 20 June 1958, SROWA, 1956/0084/64.

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McLeod and Cooperative Leaders Campaign for Aboriginal Rights

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McLeod and cooperative leaders campaigned vigorously for Aboriginal rights during the 1950s through letters, pamphlets, tape recordings and public meetings. McLeod’s correspondents included politicians, unionists, and activists. Citizenship rights and the right of Aboriginal people to access social service benefits were central to this campaign, as this letter to the senior Labor leader Gough Whitlam shows.