With the arrival of Kathleen Brown, children and young people from mining communities arrived at Yandeyarra for schooling. Kathy’s husband, Max, took this photograph of students on route from mining camps to the new school. ‘The white man on the cab … is Sam Fullbrook, artist, formerly student of Melbourne Gallery mentioned at the conclusion of Bernard Smith’s Archibald Prize review in Meanjin 1/1953’, he told Shirley Andrews.

Students On the Way to Yandeyarra for School
On the Way to Yandeyarra for School photograph

On the way to Yandeyarra for school, photograph by Max Brown, 1953.

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Department of Education Report on Visit to Yandeyarra Station

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Education was a major objective of the group. Most had had no formal schooling, and they saw literacy as vital if they were to achieve full independence. This Western Australian Department of Education report documents the community’s strong desire for a school and strongly recommends that one be provided.