Strikers Remove Workers from Noreena Downs Station

Noreena Downs

Minister for Native Affairs
c/ Housing Commission

I was called to attend an inquest in Marble Bar on the 15th. I left there for Hillside on the 16th to consult Dr Gillespie on my health. I arrived home on the evening of the 19th. On the early morning of the 17th my native camp was raided by 10 of McLeod’s natives from Moolyella & four of my young boys, much against their will, taken away. In my absence, my old boys did not produce their spears so the operation went off very well from McLeod’s, I daresay also Mr. Middleton’s, point of view. When leaving the mob threatened my old boys (who refused to go) that they would return for them. McLeod saw me in Marble Bar and acted on it. It will take a lot to drag me away from the place again until some of these agitators are taken or blown away. I am not squealing. I suppose I have been looking for it. I understand he knew all about my interview with you before I returned from Perth.

I am in the middle of mustering so things are hard. I ask for nothing (I think I can manage but only letting you know that the trouble, due to the Dept’s weak kneed attitude, has spread to this area).

Yours faithfully

R.W. Middleditch


Bob Middleditch to Ross McDonald, 20 June 1949, SROWA, 769 3.

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