Conflict over the strikers’ access to country is illustrated in this letter, sent to L L. Miller, of Strelley Station, when he threatened to prosecute Clancy McKenna for trespass. Carrying the signature of Tommy Sampie as secretary of the strikers’ organisation, the North West Workers Association, it was written by McLeod, as his characteristic mis-spelling of the word ‘vigorous’ indicates.

Strelley Station Threatens Prosecution for Trespass

12 Mile Camp
Pt Hedland

Dear Mr Miller

I have to advise you that my association takes strong exception to your action in attempting to intimidate our members by threat of police prosecution.

We do not deny your right to prosecute in the event of a genuine breach of the law but we feel that this the threat to summons Clancy McKenna and others is brought on by your known dislike for Clancy is a petty attempt to injure him a personal matter. I have been asked to advise you that if you press this matter & take the case to court then in future all native labour will be withheld from those stations which you control.

When those of our friends who are still working have the chance to hear what you are proposing to do we believe that they too will see the danger of allowing you to continue your present policy without vigerous [sic] protest from them and ourselves.

So then if we do not hear from you before the 18th and the cases reach court you can take notice that as from April 18 no further native labour will be available to you.

Yours sincerely

Tom Sampie
Sec North West Workers Assn


Tommy Sampie to L.L. Miller, 19 April 1947, SROWA, 1947/0305/98, 96.

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