Street had planned to continue north after visiting Pindan, but broke her trip to return to Perth to plead the cooperative’s case with government departments.

Street Pleads the Cooperative's Case with Government

Please send all correspondence to: C/o United Associations of Women
61 Market St
Sydney, N. S. W.

11 June 1957

The Hon Mr. J.J. Brady
Minister for Native Welfare
Parliament House
Perth, W.A.

Dear Mr. Brady

I visited the Pindan Camps at Port Hedland last week and returned hoping to see you to tell you my impressions. I am sorry that I have to go away tomorrow, but I cannot fit in my schedule if I stay in Perth any longer.

I enclose a copy of the report of my visit to Port Hedland and my impressions.

Yours sincerely

Jessie M.G. Street.


CWN please not. You may wish to comment. J. Brady.
Noted. File. SGM 17/6/57


Jessie Street to Minister for Native Welfare, J.J. (Jack) Brady, 11 June 1957, SROWA, 1956/0084.

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