Gardens were established at Yandeyarra, and adobe houses constructed.

Adobe Cottages at Yandeyarra
Adobe cottages at Yandeyarra 1953

Adobe cottages at Yandeyarra, 1953, Photo by Bill Rourke, State Library of Western Australia, Collection of photographs used by W.H. Rourke in his book My Way, BA729 (Albums).

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Pilbara Painting

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Idealistic men and women, including writers and artists, travelled to the Pilbara from other parts of Australia, to be a part of this exciting social experiment. They included the artist Sam Fullbrook who built himself a studio at the Group’s tanto-Columbite camp at the Pilgangoora Bore. At a time when Aboriginal administrations across Australia were planning policy for the incorporation of Aboriginal people into mainstream Australian society, these men and women were, to some extent at least, being incorporated into an Aboriginal social organisation.